Pediatric Surgeon in Sagar

Pediatric Surgeon in Sagar – Dr. Advait Prakash

Dr. Advait Prakash is a top most Pediatric Surgeon in Sagar who currently practices at Greater Kailash Hospital. He has worked as a Pediatric Surgeon for the past 15 years, gaining excellent skills and knowledge in the sector. He completed his MBBS in 2002 from GR Medical College in Gwalior, his MS in General Surgery in 2007 from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College in Jabalpur, and his MCh in Pediatric Surgery in 2011 from King Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College in Mumbai.

Pediatric Surgeon in sagar – Dr. Advait Prakash

Pediatric surgeon in Sagar refers to caring for children and also teenagers who have issues with their reproductive or urinary system body organs. He understands how to inspect and treat children in a manner that makes them feel comfortable, at ease, and cooperative. Dr. Advait Prakash, a Pediatric Urology specialist in Sagar, uses equipment specifically designed for children. Dr. Advait Prakash is an expert in understanding reproductive and urinary issues and should be able to communicate and engage with children. He has the ability to communicate with children in the most comfortable and pleasant environment, in relation to clinical expertise. They should be pleasant, intense, comfortable as well as welcoming to children.

Dr. Advait Prakash, one of the leading Pediatric Surgeons in Sagar, specializes in genitourinary disorders in children’s pediatric urology. The field addresses issues that affect both boys and girls from infancy through early adulthood. The most common problem is related to disorders of urination and reproductive organs. Some of the most common pediatric urology problems include bladder problems such as bedwetting and bladder control issues, undescended testes, hypospadias, epispadias, bladder and kidney stones, chordee, and other penile malformations, Phimosis, Neurogenic bladder, Antenatal hydronephrosis, and others. Dr. Advait Prakash specializes in treating genitourinary illnesses in children’s pediatric urology, such as bedwetting, bladder control, penis malfunction, kidney stone, and chordee, among other things. He works hard to understand the problem and provide competent therapy. He treats children with compassion, love, and care.

Treatment expertise

Dr. Advait is skilled in pediatric cases like Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid – Malformation, Congenital Lobar Emphysema (CLE), Duodenal Atresia / Stenosis, Intestinal Atresias, Malrotation, Meconium Ileus, Necrotizing Enterocolitis, Lung sequestration, Oesophageal Atresia, and Tracheo-oesophageal Fistula, Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, Pyloric Stenosis, Biliary Atresia, Choledochal cyst, Anorectal Malformations, Hirschsprung’s disease, Exomphalos, Gastroschisis, Posterior Urethral Valves, Prune Belly Syndrome, Cloacal Exstrophy, Epispadias, Ambiguous Genitalia and Intersex conditions, Sacrococcygeal Teratoma, Pelvi-ureteric Junction Obstruction, Duplex Kidneys, Vesico-ureteric Reflux, Vesico-ureteric Junction Obstruction, Posterior urethral valves, Neurogenic Bladder and Nesidioblastosis.

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